Lighting is an essential electrical infrastructure

Lighting is an essential electrical infrastructure in any city. It requires high energy consumption and resource expenditure. Unlike traditional lighting systems, smart lighting controls can enhance interior design and consume less energy.You can easily install hard-wired light switches into your walls, swap your light bulb with a smart bulb and use app-enabled smart plugs. You … [Read more…]

Decor inspo from unsual places

Are you tired of the same old decor inspo sources? It may sound obvious but shouldn’t inspiration be… well, inspiring? Here are some bold new sources of inspiration for your living space. Cinema The movies are a great source of decor ideas. From retro cinema decor (every home needs a popcorn machine, right?) to the … [Read more…]

Build a Home Poker Table

Online poker is big business and can be a fun and profitable way to spend your time. Because getting online is so easy these days many people play poker solely over the net and as such are missing out on the many benefits of live play. We will take a look at some of these … [Read more…]

Designing a Fun and Practical Gaming Room

There’s something satisfying about retiring to the game room to relax with your guests after a hard day at work. Your home is your castle, and with some creativity and planning you can build the perfect room for entertaining and playing games, and bring the casino experience into your house.The online vs real world debate … [Read more…]

Replacing your Flooring? Go for Bamboo

Are you thinking of redecorating the interior of your home? Do your home floors need refurbishing? Are you looking for sustainable flooring solutions? If your floor surfaces have seen better days, now may be the perfect time to look into using a material you may not have thought of – the humble and versatile bamboo.These … [Read more…]