Replacing your Flooring? Go for Bamboo

Are you thinking of redecorating the interior of your home? Do your home floors need refurbishing? Are you looking for sustainable flooring solutions? If your floor surfaces have seen better days, now may be the perfect time to look into using a material you may not have thought of – the humble and versatile bamboo.These days, most of us are aware of the need for eco-friendly materials when thinking of making changes to our homes. Bamboo belongs to the grass family, and it is the perfect solution for those of us who are environmentally conscious. It grows at an astonishing rate, much faster than trees, and each pole takes only about five years to fully mature. They don’t need to be re-planted after harvesting because new shoots will spring from the root system. Best of all, they are easily recycled or biodegraded.In addition to being kind to the planet, bamboo has an attractive wood-like appearance, and also presents a cheaper alternative to home decorators.

How to Choose a Bamboo Floor

Bamboo is naturally light in colour, and the best flooring material is that which retains this lightness. Some processes can be applied to darken the colour, but this results in a softer material. Bamboo poles are processed into flat planks or boards by a variety of methods, and the strongest planks are much denser than wood, but have an appearance very similar to that of a regular wooden plank. If a board looks recognisably like a bamboo pole – that is, if the joins between sections are still visible – this may not be as strong as other types of bamboo plank.A number of different finishes are available, from very rustic with a variety of tones, to much more consistent. Different companies will offer a range of looks for any room. The best variety of bamboo for flooring is called moso, and bamboo flooring companies will use this for their premium ranges.

Best for Allergy Sufferers and Children

Because of its dense texture, bamboo flooring is totally resistant to mites. It also has anti-bacterial properties, and so it is ideal for any home where there are children or people sensitive to dust mites.